New Year’s Resolutions That Are Worthy To Keep For Divorced Moms (And the Divorced)

While originally my article concentrated on divorced and single moms, I really feel like so much of this advice can pertain to people who are divorced, sans children.

Normally, I find NYR to be a ridiculous notion that ends up being forgotten once you’re too cold and snowed in ( I live on the East Coast) to give a s*#t about what you eat, do, or say. But now as I am entering into a totally new stage of life– divorce, and have no rule book or guidelines to follow, I started to think about how I wanted the next year to look. And that’s when these thoughts or resolutions came to my head.

Enjoy and share these New Year’s Resolutions. They’re easy to keep and simple and that my friends, are the only resolutions you need!

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Dating in the Digital Age: When Match.Com Says Your Ex is A Match For You

Now that I am almost divorced, I figured I would try online dating. I’m a single mom, I work full-time, I freelance, and I have a full life outside of all of that (as if that weren’t enough). I don’t have time or a babysitter to be at a bar each night, waiting for Romeo to show up, so I figured why not try to catch a fish from the comfort of my laptop and iPhone.

Ha.Boy, was I not prepared for what I found in the “new” online dating world. Since I met my ex, things have changed, and this article details my journey in the digital world: from foot slaves to 19 year-old guys, read my experience.