5 Reasons to Put On That Bathing Suit or Heck — a Bikini

I had a baby. Sure, I’m in good shape, but I have my flaws just as much as the next person. Putting on a bikini pre-Mom was tough for me, but I did it, so perhaps I wasn’t as nervous as other women. After I had my daughter, I felt more self-conscious. People told me I was ridiculous and that I looked fine, but I didn’t believe it. I had my daughter at the end of March, so the first Summer, even though I was back to my prebaby weight, I didn’t want anyone to see me in a suit of any kind — I was strategic to say the least. The following Summer I spent sick and pregnant, and the pregnancy did not work out in the end, so a bathing suit wasn’t on the table anyway. But then came last Summer.

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Screw it, I’m taking off my shirt this summer again,