8 Signs Your Teen Is Hanging With the Bad Crowd

We’ve all been teenagers and can understand the desire to try new and exciting or taboo things. It’s part of growing up, and no kid is perfect, however, sometimes kids fall in line with the wrong crowd and the choices they end up making with these kids can affect them long after they’re 16.

As parents, all we can do is guide our children in the right way and help support them to make good choices. Ultimately, when they step out of the door, we can only hope our seeds have been planted right, but with proper parenting, you can spot a teen who’s hanging with the bad apples and try to turn things around for your teenager before it’s too late.

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Do You Spoil Your Kids?

It’s hard to not love your kid and want to be good to him or her or them (if you’ve got more than one), but sometimes it’s easier to spoil our kids than we realize. When you’re the one doing the parenting, it’s hard to look outside of yourself and analyze your actions from time to time. Have you had people or family members say your kid is a brat? Do you think your kid is a brat? Sometimes? Every child is bratty on occasion, but if you spoil a child too much, you end up with a Veruca straight out of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, and we all know what happened to her! Before your kid gets drowned in a sea of chocolate or falls into a garbage chute, decide if your child is too spoiled, and then what happens next? As a former teacher, it was easy to see which kids were doted on at home and facing a cold, harsh reality in real life, but it was hard to change anything without the parents’ help. Don’t be immune to admitting you’ve gone wrong with the spoiling. The later you start to change, the harder it is to see results with your child, but it’s better late than never!

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6 Signs You Are in Denial Over Your Child’s Problem

When our kids have problems, it’s the worst feeling in the world as a parent. All we want to do is solve the problem, but sometimes we can’t. Even still, sometimes as parents . . . we deny that there’s a real issue in the first place. Most of the time when this happens, it’s not because a parent is stupid, but that a parent has such strong emotions about the matter that ignoring those ugly and sad feelings is easier than rolling up their sleeves and dealing with those feelings and the problem at hand. As a teacher, I used to see this all the time. A parent would brush off our concerns, refuse to communicate with me and the staff, or put the blame on the school. It was frustrating, but now, as a parent, I have more empathy for those parents who were in “Denial Land.”

Here are a few signs that you may be blowing off a child’s problem and living in that land called “Denial!”

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6 Strategies to Teach Your Angry Kid to Calm Down

Like most humans, kids get angry, except for when young children get angry, they don’t always know the right way to let off steam leaving you the mom with a heated child who’s having a wicked temper tantrum. How do you get your kid to express his or her anger in a positive way? When my ex-husband and I separated, my daughter struggled with letting out her anger simply because she was 3 and so young when we began the divorce process and didn’t (and still doesn’t quite) understand divorce. It’s complicated enough for adults to grieve the end of a marriage, much less a toddler or preschooler. So we sought out a way to help her express and handle her emotions through play therapy. Try teaching your kid these six strategies to blow a gasket without raising an actual ruckus.

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Staying Silent: Reasons Your Formerly Chatty Kid Has Gone Silent

Your kid is a chatterbug — a verbose little bundle of energy — but suddenly, Junior isn’t speaking up so much. Or perhaps, your little princess is still chatty but only on her terms. Even if your child isn’t a “Chatty Carl or Cathy” but he or she has out of nowhere turned down the volume on the verbal frequency, something is up. Why is your kid staying mum? Well, there are no guaranteed answers here, but read on to see if any of these situations could apply to your little one, and what you can do to get your kiddo talking again.

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How to Stop a Kid From Whining

In the old days when we kids whined, we got smacked, spanked, sent to our rooms, or blatantly ignored. These days? That’s not typically how people parent, but guess what? Kids everywhere are still whining. Right this very second your child is, is about to, or just finished whining. It is the single most annoying thing and the number one killer of mothers and parents alike. OK, I’m kidding, but how does a mom nip a whining kid in the bud without duct taping a kid’s mouth? Maybe some of these tactics will quiet your sweet whiner!

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