Why Saying Goodbye Can Mean Saying Hello To A Better Start

Saying goodbye is probably the most painful thing, ever. It’s the worst word to ever utter. It’s right up there neck and neck with, “I don’t love you” or even worse:

Telling someone you love him or her…and that person not saying I love you back.

Goodbye is final. It’s depressing. It’s heartwrenching. It cuts you right in the gut.

Endings are the worst. Truly. There is no torture worse than a breakup or divorce, right?

Right…very right. And wrong.

When love is real and right, it doesn’t end. It doesn’t end for a few weeks or months. It doesn’t die. It might ebb and flow. You might have times in which your “love tank” for your partner is low.

But it doesn’t end. It doesn’t say goodbye. Real love persists, even when sometimes, g-d damnit, we wish we didn’t love someone …

Real love with someone is forever because it always exists.

So if you’re saying goodbye or someone is leaving you in the dust it is very painful, but sometimes?

It’s very right.

Saying goodbye means that there is a “Hello” about to come right around the corner.

Saying goodbye to someone who isn’t right for you, isn’t right to you, or you two aren’t right together…means a fresh start.

Saying goodbye means you are back on that train platform, waiting to see what destination awaits you.

Where your heart will take you next.

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Start Fresh,



30 Life Lessons I Learned From Heartbreak

When my ex and I first split, I asked myself, “Why did this all happen?” I didn’t have the ability to process all that this divorce would have in store for me. Eventually though, I pulled so many gems and appreciation for my dissolved marriage. I grew so much and I healed. Even though divorce always seems to bring about new situations and sometimes struggles, I am not defined by divorce anymore.

And then when I met someone I really adored in my single world almost two years after divorce and it didn’t pan out due to issues on his end, I asked the same question, somewhat differently:
‘Why did I meet this man?”

This time though, it didn’t take me so long to garner life lessons and information to help me in my search for the “perfect for me” partner.

1. Not Everyone Can Be Forever

Most people we date will not be for forever. Most will be for a season or a reason — not a lifetime.
True love is special. If it happened every day, no one would care about it.

I really loved my husband and I am pretty sure he loved me, but either way, I know he was my first love, and I am glad I had the experience.

As far as “mystery guy,” he said he loved me but whether he loved me or not remains to be known and it will remain a mystery…

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To Those That Left; Thank You– I Deserved Better,


Why I Don’t Want to Be Just the ‘Ex-Wife’

My four year-old daughter still calls me “Daddy’s wife.”

I haven’t figured out the right response to that, really. Would a four year-old even understand what it means to be an ex-wife? I think she wouldn’t. What does being an “ex” mean to a child that young? What do the words, “We are good friends” mean to a child? To my daughter, boys and girls (she doesn’t term it as men and women) are together and married… friendships between “boys and girls” don’t quite exist. Such are the issues when you divorce with young children.

So, who am I to my ex, now, other than his ex-wife? Am I anything other, or just the ex-wife? The connotations behind the words “ex-wife” are enough to make you NEVER want to be one in this or the next lifetime. Defining who he is or is not to me in my life, and who I am or who I am not in his life, has been a process. I hear the catch-all phrase uttered by many divorced people: “He’s my ex. He’s my friend.” Or “She’s the mother of my children.” Simple and clean phrases to describe someone you once shared dreams, finances and body fluids with.
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The Ex-Wife/EX-WIFE?