The 5 Stages of Cosleeping

If your child is a frequent flier in your bed or likes to protest his or her inclusion in your bed, you’ll be rather familiar with these five stages of cosleeping. Are you ready? We hope you’re not tired. We forgot to mention that cosleeping usually means . . . not sleeping. At least for the parents! 

Stage 1: The Plea

Your kid(s) will be at your heels, begging to go in your bed. No matter how much you say no or attempt to make their beds look attractive, your kids laugh in the face of your attempts. Your efforts to make sleeping in their own beds look appealing are a waste of time. You find yourself wondering if you are too tired to argue, or if you have enough gumption to keep saying no and redirecting your kids. You will bribe them and most likely, if your bribe works at all, it will only work until around midnight. When the clock strikes 12, your child will be at your bedside, poking you in the ribs until you wake up.

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Hope You’re Not Tired,


How to Successfully Co-Sleep With Your Child

Does your child hover at your bed like he or she is an alien looking to infest a foreign planet? Does your child stand by your bedroom door at night with a placard saying, “Hell no, I won’t sleep…in my own bed!” or “Equal rights for kids: GIVE US YOUR BED?”

If you answered yes, you’re ready for a night of co-sleeping with your kiddo. Here are some tips to make it through. Use at your discretion.

1. Don’t sleep at all. Lie in bed and stare at the ceiling. Try to move or change positions and bam! —you realize moving is impossible because your child has taken up most of the bed. Learn to close your eyes and fake sleep, lest your child catches you awake in the middle of the night and wants to ask for a snack, drink of water or perhaps, more of your dwindling energies and resources. Whatever you do—shut those eyes!

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Yes, My Daughter Sleeps With Me Sometimes, And No, I Don’t Care What You Think

Dear Concerned Citizens of Sleep:

I noted your cocked eyebrow, slight mutter or loud vocalization when I mentioned casually that my daughter slept in my bed last night. For a second, I thought that instead of telling you that my 4-year-old enjoyed a nighttime snuggle with her momma that perhaps I had said I let my daughter smoke crack. The sound of your voice when you repeated to me, “You let her sleep in your bed sometimes?” sounded more like I had just revealed I slept with someone’s husband, and not that as a special treat or sometimes just because I miss my daughter, she sleeps in my bed.

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Snuggle Time Is The Best Time,