8 Most Important Things to Remember When Divorcing

So you’re getting a divorce? Now what? Well, only about a billion things. Divorce, whether it’s amicable or ugly, is difficult as it is. Instead of letting your mind wander on a bunch of “What If’s,” get set on tackling the most important matters first in order to move your life ahead into a happier you post-divorce.

Don’t Forget These 8 Things When Divorcing

1. How to Make a Parenting Plan

Figuring out a fair parenting plan is the most essential step towards moving on after divorce for the whole family. If you have a deadbeat dad situation or perhaps you don’t feel your children are safe with your future ex, you’re going to have a different set of challenges than the average divorcees, otherwise, you and your ex will be sharing custody.

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How to Have a Peaceful Divorce

When people ask me if my divorce is amicable I tell them that it’s peaceful.

That statement in itself seems contradictory. A divorce is a total dissolution of a relationship and maybe even a family. Destruction. A collapse. How could something initially so sad–yet sometimes so happy–be considered peaceful? Here’s how.

You Fight Fair
Even in the smoothest of divorces, conflict arises. Sure, there may be 1 or 2 divorces in which both parties are both so content to be without each other that it’s easy peasy, but in most divorce situations there is some conflict at the beginning. If everything were sunshine and kittens, you would stay married! But the one thing I swore to myself when my ex-husband and I decided to split up was that we wouldn’t be the parents battling each other out in the school parking lot or at drop-offs in front of our child. I was not going to be a part of some ugly divorce circus.

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