3 Times You Will Cry Thanks to Your Mother-in-Law Over the Holidays

‘Tis the season for bright lights, cookies, gift wrapping, and in-laws! Some of you are already drinking simply knowing you’ll be spending lots of “quality time” with the in-laws, while others who are blessed can’t wait for the chance to hug their in-laws hello. Even the nicest of in-laws, though, especially those mother-in-laws, will bring the calmest and most easygoing mother to tears if you’re spending long amounts of time mingling with the in-laws. Here are three times your mother-in-law is bound to make you sob into your eggnog or latkes at the holidays. Grab the tissues and some chocolate. If your MIL is a real “sweet” one, add Xanax to that list.

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Sniff, Sniff,


When Grandparents Stay in Your Home, Whose Rules Win?

‘Tis the season for gifts, baked goods, Santa mall visits, and . . . in-laws and family visiting. Eek! Whether you’re best buddies with your mom or your mom-in-law or at your wits’ end with one or both of them, staying under your roof with another “Head Woman in Charge” can be a challenge because both you and Grandma (or Nonna, or Nana, or whatever your family calls her) are used to being the rule-maker. So what happens when Grandma stays over at your house? Are you the boss or is Grandma?


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It’s a Balancing Act, But Maintain Your Homes Moms,


4 Ways Grandparents Unintentionally Sabotage Parents

Grandparents are a true blessing but sometimes, whether they mean to or not, they can cause a little trouble for us mommies (and dads too). That’s the gift of being a grandparent: you can make mistakes and no one holds you accountable for the most part, plus you get to hand the kids back. Here are a few ways that our most loved and sometimes most contentious grandparents can sabotage the hard work of parents everywhere, and how to handle the grandparent debacle!

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Doughnuts Before Dinner? No Thanks!