Does Your Partner Resent You For Staying at Home?

You have the talk with your partner, and the two of you decide it’s in the best interest for you to stay home and raise the kids, whether it’s for a few months, a few years, or life. Everything seems settled and agreed upon . . . until it’s not. Little comments and questions pop up out of nowhere from your partner regarding your “at-home” status, and so you start to feel defensive. Isn’t being a mother valuable, and furthermore, isn’t this what you two decided upon? Here are a few signs that your partner isn’t too happy about your stay-at home position and how to handle it.

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I Was Not Prepared For How a Kid Changes Marriage

One day I was talking to a friend who was having marital problems, and she said, “Well, hopefully when the baby comes, things will be different.” She thought a second child would change things with her marriage for the better, but notions like these are false, in my opinion. A child doesn’t make marital problems diminish. In fact, they magnify problems instead of help them go away, or if the problems don’t get worse, they most certainly don’t disappear, unfortunately.

A baby isn’t a magical wish maker. A baby is a person with needs, wants, and desires who will demand a lot of you and your partner. The more kids you have? The more demands.

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