Why The Mean Kids Aren’t So Bad

When I heard that my daughter was letting her anger out on one of her most favorite friends at school last year, I crumbled (inside).

What had I done wrong? Myself, I’m a sensitive person and wasn’t known as the mean girl at school. I knew there were normal typical “mean” or bossy behaviors from preschoolers and older toddlers, but I knew this was a sign she was hurting.

I was right.

Losing her family as she knew it to divorce, was incredibly hard on her as she’s only 3.5.

Most often, kids are mean because there’s something going on–not because they’re slated to be the next Jeffrey Dahmer.

Here’s my article on why kids are mean, and what to do if your kid is being bullied…or your kid is the bully!

With A Hug,

Laura Lifshitz