The Mental Checklist of Mistakes: Parenting With Anxiety

Parenting with anxiety means you’re never quite parenting alone. Nope, there’s always that thread or undercurrent of fear or worry that accompanies us anxious folks that we try to battle or subdue in order to parent without fear. And when I say parent without fear, I mean “parent without the fear of everything and anything thanks to anxiety making you a bad parent,” not parenting without fear, period, because what parent doesn’t get a little afraid sometimes?

As a person who has anxiety — anxiety doesn’t have me! (well, at least not today) — managing anxiety is crucial so that way my daughter doesn’t feel anxious and I feel better, too. I’ve had to mentally train myself to not hoverand it helps that I was once a teacher, so I know the importance of sitting back and letting children do things on their own. Despite my worrywart ways, I am adept at encouraging my daughter to be independent and not to ask me to do things for her. Still, the voice inside my head that panics from time to time when she’s trying something risky at the park or the voice inside my head that scolds me over every little thing I have done is a beast I have to master and control.

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