Is Your Child Possessive? Here’s Why

Children can be possessive for a number of reasons, particularly during the toddler “it’s mine” stage. Signs of possessiveness include:

  • Unwilling to share toys
  • Unwilling to share a parent, both parents, or a favorite friend
  • Possessiveness over a new sibling
  • Possessiveness over a space or favorite part of a room or setting
  • Bossing around or cutting out other kids from playtime or other activities

If your child is possessive during the toddler years, it’s up to us as parents to not only deal with this developmental stage but to also encourage how to share and when perhaps not to share depending on where your parenting views fall when it comes to sharing. However, a child can be possessive either during or not during the toddler years for a variety of reasons, such as divorce, a move, a new school, the loss of a parent or loved one, the birth of a new sibling, and other reasons. Here are a few situations that may make your child show the green jealousy eye rather frequently.

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Mother and Child

Today when I went to get my daughter from her daddy’s house, she was mad at me.

Men, you can relate to this I am sure–and women too: When a woman is mad at you, and she gives you brief responses (if you’re lucky to get that even) and physically gives you the cold shoulder like, “Don’t even talk to me fool.”

Well, that was my daughter.

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