Why I Love Taking My Daughter To Dance School

It’s not just the gross motor movement that makes me enroll my daughter in dance. There are so many reasons. I always looked forward to our “Dance Saturdays,” although now that I am getting a divorce, I only take her twice a month.

To me, arts education is so important and I find it sad that the American Public School system does not quite agree with me.

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Sashay & Shante,


Sugar and Spice, and not Always Nice: The Strong Will of Girls

Every time I chat with another mother out in the world I hear this: “My daughter…she’s just so ugh! So strong willed!”


“She’s got a mind of her own. She’s stubborn.”

As the daughter of a barn burner–thanks Candid Kay for the phrase–  I’ve had the same struggles. The head-to-head battles with my daughter over the most inane things and at times, it is frustrating.

But that said, I’d rather her be a stubborn mule than a “go with the flow Fanny,” and here’s why:

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