How a Single Mom Gets a Medical Procedure

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Here’s the answer. She doesn’t get the procedure done.

I need a test– procedure– under anesthesia in early 2021, however, I have no one to take me. I certainly wouldn’t ask my elderly parent during COVID-19– especially since one of my parents is caring for the other parent, who has dementia.

This is why it unnerves me when people comment how I am strong and independent. I know this. I don’t need a team of people to remind me. I am very comfortable on my own– minus repairs and manual labor. And admittedly, I would love if Lenny Kravitz could do any and all of the home repairs as that man is perfect, but I digress.

It is upsetting to never have a guaranteed person to be there for you. I am strong because I know I cannot rely on anyone and that is a shame.

So the answer is, I will probably not get the procedure/test I need. It is one that tests for cancer that I need every 5 years due to an issue I had almost 15 years ago and I cannot UBER or drive myself.

Then to make my anxiety particularly active, I need to go for general bloodwork to check for anemia. If that comes back badly again, alas, I will need a different larger procedure perhaps.

Overall though, I am grateful that I am overall, healthy, fit and can do renegade push-ups like no other 100 lb woman can.

I feel good generally, and I care for myself. I try to self-care. I try to contribute to the good of society during this pandemic by being careful and following scientific guidelines.

But this strong capable person could use another person sometimes, and I don’t feel bad for admitting it.



11 Things All Single Moms Think but Don’t Say

There are some things a single mother thinks but most certainly won’t say! Unless, of course, we are running on pure fumes (happens often), wine (nighttime exists for a reason and bedtime too!), or totally off our rails (happens to the best of us). Here are a few things a single mom might be pondering but she won’t say.

Yes, Your Husband Being Away is EXACTLY Like Being a Single Parent

We have compassion for all parents and any and all mothering scenarios, but when you tell us your husband being away is like being a single parent, we ask you with our tongue in cheeks:

Is your bank account like a single parent’s?

Do you file single or head of household on your taxes?

Are you also online trying to find love with some of the biggest horror shows known to mankind?

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4 Myths of Single Motherhood

When people hear I’m a single mom, a lot of stereotypes and myths come to mind. First off, some people would fight my single parent status: my ex and I are coparents and he is not what I call a “No-Show” or “Deadbeat Dad.” He is very present in my child’s life; however, to me, if you parent alone and without help, you are a single parent. By alone I mean no one ever comes home to relieve you. No one ever shows up to pay your bills, clean the home, care for the kid, and be an active part in you and your child’s daily routine. Instead, my ex and I “coparent.” To all the ladies and gents parenting alone with “No-Show” and “Deadbeat” parents, I commend you even more.

However, whether you’re a single mom because Dad skipped town, passed away, or you got a divorce, there are still many myths about single parents that need to go! They’re antiquated and untrue. In today’s day and age in which, according to the Pew Research Center, “Fewer than half (46%) of US kids younger than 18 years of age are living in a home with two married heterosexual parents in their first marriage,” the idea of what a family “looks” like has changed so drastically, whether it’s the gender of the parents raising the kids, the amount of parents in the home, the marital status of the two parents, and then some! The days of Leave It to Beaver are long gone. And so should some of these old tired single mom myths that I am sick of hearing.

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Myth Isn’t Truth,


4 Friends a Single Mom Needs Over the Holidays

For a single mom, the holidays can be daunting on multiple levels. If she’s sharing her children with their other parent, the pain of missing them at the holidays can be hard to deal with. If she’s not sharing them, she might be feeling overwhelmed with the pressure of her own life, plus the pressure of the holidays. Let’s not forget the financial difficulties that may present themselves to a single parent and the struggles a single mom may come up against when coparenting with an ex. More than ever, moms, your single-mom friends need you, whether it’s to join you on the holidays or perhaps to just be a willing ear to listen to what’s going on with them.

The Inviter

Single moms are often sharing children with a coparent or perhaps they’re on their own with the kids during the holidays.

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Friends Are Family,


5 Things A Single Mom Needs To Thrive– Not Just Survive

Whether you’ve been a single mom from day one or became one due to divorce or other circumstances, it can be a challenge. Initially when my ex and I separated, my first thoughts were: how do I survive? How do I pay bills, where will I live when the house is gone, and what is going to happen to me were my first big pressing issues. And while those issues are still at hand at some point, I had to figure a way to move forward and not just “get by” each day but also, enjoy my life again.

And while I stated 5 very important things a single mom needs to thrive, I want to add that chocolate, battery-operated objects, and a good relationship with my ex has also helped me to move forward. My ex and I did not work out, but we make damn good parents.

Here’s 5 things a single mom needs to thrive. Please share!

With Dark Mint Chocolate Delight & A High-Five To All My Friends,