8 Goals For the Newly Divorced Woman in Her 20s

Divorce impacts everyone it touches, but depending on your age and life situation when you divorce, it will strike you in different ways. As a newly divorced woman in her 20s, what are the next steps and goals you should set to move forward from your divorce? Well, every individual is different, but these goals should help you start to see the sunny side of the street in no time, and that big old word called “divorce” will start to seem smaller every day in 2016!

1- You Are NOT Damaged

Being in your 20s and divorced is rarer than being in your 30s and 40s and divorced. This may make you feel alone and a bit damaged as compared to your single or married friends, but you need to kick those feelings to the curb in 2016 because they’re NOT true!

First, acknowledge your feelings of shame and regret by writing them down. When you’re all “Dear Diary”-ed out, read them and then tear the paper up, hit delete, or set the list to fire! (Just be careful if you choose the last option.) You are not damaged. You took a chance on love early on. Perhaps you are very mature for your age. Perhaps you’re a romantic. Perhaps — many reasons. There is nothing wrong with failing at love at any age! And just think — now you have many years to find the right one.

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You’re Amazing,


10 Love Mistakes I Made In My 20s I’ll Never, EVER Repeat Again

As I near the end of my 30s, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my relationship mistakes, especially as I finalize my divorce. Mistakes are meant to happen but if you don’t learn from them, you’ll never grow or get what you’re looking for.

For me, I benefit the most when I share the life lessons I learned the hard way with the hopes that someone can steal a gem from the mistakes I made and choose a better path. In the two years since I’ve been separated from my former husband, I’ve also promised myself that I will never go through a divorce again, nor will I commit to the wrong person again.

These are some of the relationship mistakes I made in my 20s that set the bar too low for me. And I will NEVER repeat them again.

  1. I ignored the nice guys.

Women ignore the nice guys when they feel bad about themselves. When you feel bad about yourself, you pick people who continue to validate those bad feelings about yourself. I’m not saying I will go out with anyone who’s nice simply because he’s nice, but I will give a nice guy a chance because I know that’s what I deserve.

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Not Doing It,